Home Screen Glass Sony Xperia XZ2

Home Screen Glass Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact



Home Screen tempered glass is a combination of a perfect protection and a high comfort of use. Thanks to our glass your smartphone gains a perfect protection. The optimal thickness of 0.3mm provides security in case you drop your phone.

Thanks to the high quality of Japanese glass, you can be sure that your device has the best protection. The hardness of the Home Screen glass is about 9H, which ensures security against scratches. Oleophobic coating prevents the fingerprints left on your screen. Rounded edges have an impact on the comfort of use. Additionally, HS glass is perfectly matched to your smartphone and in the set contains everything you need to put it on. Main features of Home Screen glass:

  • perfect match to your smatphone
  • made from Japanese AGC glass
  • hardness up to 9h in Mohs’ scale
  •  oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints on your screen
  • all theinstallation accessories included
  • rounded edges to improve your comfort of use
  • perfect transparency

In Home Screen Glass set you can find:

  • Home Screen tempered glass
  • screen cleaning cloth impregnated with alcohol
  • dry cloth for cleaning the screen before putting the glass on
  • microfiber cloth
  • a sticker that reduces dust adhesion
  • 3 stickers which help to put the glass on
  • a sticker to remove the dust from under the glass

AGC Glass
12 months
Oleophobic coating
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